PLF Code of Conduct

Pondy Lit Fest believes in promoting free speech and unrestricted conversation in a safe and secure environment. But caveats apply.

  1. PLF neither endorses nor encourages hate speech and bigotry, direct or implied threat of violence, and statements that are defamatory of institutions and individuals. Speakers are expected to desist from using language or gestures that would or could be construed as crude and abusive. The session chair will disallow any infraction of this code.
  2. The consumption of alcohol or substance abuse of any nature is strictly disallowed at PLF venue.
  3. Visakha norms apply at PLF venue, the speakers' lounge, the venues for coffee break, lunch and dinner, as well as the hotels where our guests will be staying.
  4. PLF volunteers and organisers are available round-the-clock for your assistance. Reach out to them if you feel threatened, harassed or unwell.
  5. Speakers are expected to be at the festival venue even if they do not have a session in which they are participating. They are expected to meet and interact with members of the audience and other guests at the Speakers' Lounge, Coffee Lounge and the venues for lunch and dinner.
  6. Speakers are requested not to schedule offsite personal meetings between the inaugural and conclusion of the festival. All interactions with media, if any, and/or special off-stage audiovisual recordings for Indologue, will be arranged for by the organisers.